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    When you bring your child to Faith Montessori, an adult over the age of 18 must accompany your child to their classroom and sign your child in on the attendance sheet in the classroom. Children are not allowed to write anything or sign in/out for parents on attendance sheets. Under no circumstances should a child be dropped off outside. Children will not be accepted until the posted arrival time of 7:00AM.

    The House of Faith Montessori assumes no responsibility of your child until the child is signed in and accompanied to their classroom. Please ensure you make contact with your child’s teacher and let them know your child has arrived. It is not healthy for your child to have you sneak away. Please work with your child’s teacher in appropriate “ goodbyes” that will best meet the developmental stage of your child. We encourage parents to bring children to school before 9 AM and no later than 10:30 AM. It is important for parents to sign in and out everyday with the correct time and your own initials.

    Release of Children

    Our utmost concern is the safety of your child. If you are unable to pick your child, we will only release your child to those for which you have authorized on your enrollment form. Any person picking up your child besides the parent(s) will be required to show a picture ID and sign your child out before your child will be released. The ID number will be recorded on the attendance sheet and will be kept on file for a minimum of 3 months. Children will not be permitted to leave with ANYONE except those persons listed on the enrollment form. Any chance in authorized pick-ups must be in writing.

    Birthdays and Holidays

    Some holidays are beyond the understanding of your children. When we celebrate a holiday at Faith Montessori, we design concepts and activities that give the children more experience with the understanding of the holiday. We will notify the parents of the times and formats of the celebrations. Generally there will be no special requirement of the parents.

    We feel it is important for our young children to become familiar with the values, beliefs and cultural traditions of different people and the ways they celebrate special occasions. From time to time we will provide such opportunities. We would appreciate knowing if and how any of the parents could assist us.

    The most important occasion for a child is his/her own birthday. We will honor the child at this time by doing something special. A special activity or snack will be fine. Parents who wish to bring a snack at this time should notify the lead teacher. Children’s birthday may be celebrated by bringing cupcakes or cookies to serve the children during the morning snack (no nuts please). Please do not send any treats with your child unless he/she brings enough for others.

    If your child is planning a home birthday party and wishes to invite his/her classmates, please send the invitations to their home address as other children who may not get invited will feel left out and may not understand why they are not invited.

    Meals and Snacks

    It is the responsibility of the parent to provide a healthy lunch and snack for their children. The lunch should be brought in a lunch box with an ice pack in it. Microwaves are available to heat any food that requires warming. Food should be “ready to eat”. Please put warming instructions and your child’s name on the outside of your child’s lunch box and all the containers.

    Faith Montessori encourages healthy snacks and meals for your child. Therefore, please do not send any candy, chips, chocolates, sodas or other unhealthy choices as your child’s meals. If your child arrives after 8:00 AM, please make sure you have served your child breakfast. A signed statement from your child’s physician must indicate any information regarding special dietary needs and/or food allergies.

    Outdoor Policy

    Outdoor play is important to all developmental domains of development, particularly physical gross motor development. Children will be provided with at least one hour a day of outside time, weather permitting. Please dress your child appropriately for outdoor play during the cold weather.

    Should the weather prevent us from taking the children outdoors, we will provide alternate indoor movement activities (playroom). Outdoor play restrictions for a child must be in writing and accompanied by a doctor’s medical statement noting the reason for the restriction.


    Our main concern and basic commitment at the school is the safety of your child. We ask that parents closely supervise the children in the parking lot. It is recommended that children be offered a hand to hold when exiting from cars. When departing from the school, please resist having children run to the car while the parent signs them out.

    Please be cautious not to allow children to run around in the parking and flower bed areas for safety reasons. If you notice that the front parking lot is fully occupied, please use the rear parking area to enter school. Please do not park in neighbor’s parking lots. Cars are not babysitters. Please do not leave children in the cars at anytime.

    Gang-Free Zones

    •  A gang-free zone is a designated area around a specific location where prohibited gang related activity is subject to increased penalty under Texas law. The specific locations include Daycare Centers.
    •   Gang-free zone should be within 1000 feet of your childcare center.

    For more information about what constitutes a gang free zone, please consult sections 71.028 and 71.029 of Texas penal code.

    Medication Administration

    In order to administer any medications to your child, the following guidelines must be followed:

    1. Parents must sign an authorization and include times for staff to administer each medication according to the label directions
    2. The medication must be in the original container labeled with the child’s full name and the date brought to the school
    3. Staff can only administer the medication in amounts according to the label directions or as amended by a physician
    4. Staff can only administer the medication to the child for whom it is intended
    5. Staff cannot administer the medication after expiration date
    6. We cannot give over-the-counter medications
    7. If your child has a periodic and recurring medical problem, such as headaches, asthma attacks or allergic reactions, the parent or the child’s health-care professional may sign a medication authorization allowing staff to administer the medication when symptoms occur for up to a six-month period. The authorization must include information on symptoms to watch for. Parents will be notified immediately after administering the medication.

    Guidance and Discipline

    The goal of Faith Montessori is to help your child become self-reliant and internalize rules of behavior. 3 and older children are encouraged to take appropriate responsibility for their own behavior and generate ideas for solving social conflict problems (e.g. how to share a toy).

    • Discipline will be constructive in nature and include techniques such as:Using limits that are fair, consistent and appropriate for the   child’s developmental level.
    • Providing children with reasons for limits.
    • Giving positively worded directions.
    • Modeling and redirecting children towards acceptable behavior.
    • Helping children to constructively express their feelings and frustrations to resolve conflict.
    • Arranging the classroom environment in a way that promotes desirable behavior.
    • Brief, supervised separation or time out from the group, when appropriate for the child’s age and development, limited to no more than one minute per year of child’s age.

    The following techniques are prohibited by Texas Child Care Licensing and under no circumstances will be used on your child:
    Corporal punishment or threats of corporal punishment.

    • Punishment associated with food, naps or toilet training.
    • Pinching, shaking or biting a child.
    • Hitting a child with a hand or instrument.
    • Putting anything in or on a child’s mouth.
    • Humiliating, ridiculing, rejecting or yelling at a child.
    • Subjecting a child to harsh, abusive or profane language.
    • Placing a child in a locked or dark room, bathroom or closet with the door closed.
    • Requiring a child to remain silent or inactive for inappropriately long periods of time.

    Staff members who punish children in a prohibited manner or who do not first apply proactive, rather than reactive techniques will jeopardize their employment at Faith Montessori. A staff member found using any of the above listed “prohibited Punishments” will be dismissed. Any infractions of this discipline policy reported by parents/guardians or other staff members will be investigated.

    If a child does not respond to positive guidance and redirection, and is posing an emotional problem for him/her self or others, or is a physical threat to others, the following steps are taken

    1. The child is warned that repeating the behavior will result in his/her separation from the group. Alternatives are suggested to the child.
    2. If the child repeats the action, he/she is removed from the group to a private place within sight of a teacher. The teacher tells the child he/she will return to discuss the situation when the child has calmed down.
    3. In a few minutes (not more than one minute per age) the teacher returns the child to discuss what happened, why it was unacceptable and what the child must do to control his/her behavior.
    4. The child is invited to return to the group when he/she is ready. If the child needs or wants more time alone, he/she may take it. Children under the age of 3 will not be removed from the group.
    5. When the child returns to the group, the teacher welcomes him/her back to the group and tries to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    Parents will be notified if any behavioral issues of concern and the staff at Faith Montessori will work with the parent to resolve any behavior issues outside normal child development. Should the child’s behavior cause a continued threat to him/herself and/or others, the Director will discuss with the parents, alternative group child care arrangements that may better benefit the child.

    1. Sunscreen, insect repellent, diaper rash cream, lip balm policy

    Prior to use at school sunscreen, insect repellant, and diaper rash lip balm cream should be applied to the child at least once at home to test for any allergic reaction. Parents have to provide permission slip with date, child’s name, parent’s name and signature, before either is used. Please label above these with your child’s full name for identification

    2. Procedures for critical illnesses and injuries

    If critical illness or injury requires immediate professional care (emergency), staff will call 911.

    • Administer first aid (CPR if needed)
    • Parents will be notified immediately

    In case of a minor injury or accident, staff will administer basic first aid and CPR. All injuries or illnesses not required immediate parental notification will be informed when the child is picked up at the end of the day. We call parents to inform incidents and keep the incident report ready to sign at the end of the day.

    3. Photographs

    Photos taken of the children will be done with a school owned camera, and will only be used in our program purposes (not for our website or Facebook).

    If parents choose to take pictures of events held at our programs (birthdays and celebrations), they may only photograph their own child. During certain events, such as graduation, end of the year program, photographs may be taken.

    Faith Montessori has a website and Facebook page. We from time to time update the website and Facebook page with children’s projects, not their photographs.

    4. Outside employment

    Employees of Faith Montessori are prohibited from outside employment with parents of our school. This includes but is not limited to babysitting or nanny type of jobs.

    5. Social media

    Social networking is very exciting these days. However, please understand that employees of Faith Montessori are prohibited from participating in social networking with parent and children in our school. This includes but is not limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please keep this in mind when making these kinds of requests.

    6. Biting

    Biting is a common issue in early child development. The best way to deal with biting is consistency between providers and parents. Biting could

    occur for multiple reasons. Faith Montessori will work with parents when biting becomes a problem. We will make every effort to solve the problem as soon as possible.

    7. Parking lot

    Drive slowly through the parking lot and watch for children when dropping off and picking up children.

    8. Unattended children

    Never leave a child alone in a vehicle. For example, when escorting another child to class.

    9. Telephone communication

    If you want to contact Faith Montessori for any reason, feel free to contact (512) 909-0090 or (512) 219-9191. If you get our voicemail, please do leave a message. If we are unable to get to the phone, we do check messages regularly and return calls as soon as we get a chance.

    10. Daily schedules

    Every classroom has their daily routine posted on the bulletin board.

    11. Food

    We recommend that all new food be tried at home first, since a child could have an allergic reaction to foods they have not tried before.

    12. Sibling discounts

    Families with two or more children enrolled full time at Faith Montessori are eligible for a $50 discount to be applied to the total.

    13. Suspension and expulsion

    We at Faith Montessori focus on prevention, developing and communicating clear behavioral expectations and ensuring fairness and continuous improvement, can and should be applied across classrooms where children learn.

    We want to work toward a goal of ensuring that all children’s special, emotional, and behavioral health are fostered in an appropriate and high-quality program, working toward eventually eliminating expulsion and suspension practices across classrooms.

    Our staff is adequately trained, supported, and prepared to help all children excel. This is a key strategy in limiting and eventually eliminating early expulsion and suspension.

    If a child appears to have difficulty with following classroom schedule, teachers will begin to record written observation of behavior by addressing how, when and where the behavior takes place and efforts teachers has made to assist the child’s needs.

    If a behavior is of immediate attention and the child continues to have difficulty, the teachers will bring their concerns to the director. A conference with parents will be arranged in order to share observations and discuss behavior issues. Parents, teachers and the director will come to a play of action. Follow-up meeting will be arranged. If the behavior or concern has not improved, it will be determined if a child’s doctor should be consulted for additional support.

    School may terminate the enrollment of a child if the child’s needs cannot be met, the safety/care of other children. Parents will be notified of the reasons of expulsion and suspension of a child. We will work with parents until they take care of the situation. However, if the reason of termination is serious, termination can be immediate.

    14. If a child is ill with a contagious disease (Pink eye), etc. parents have to let the teachers know so that other parents at the school may be informed. We send a note home with all the children’s type of communicable disease, symptoms and precautionary measure that will be taken in case of highly contagious illnesses, child could return to school with a doctors note.

    15. School supplies

    18 months – 3 years:

    •  Change of clothes
    • Place mat for lunch (washable)
    • 2 Kleenex boxes
    • Sleeping bag (full time)
    • Diapers or pull-ups (Velcro)
    • Wipes

    3 – 6 years:

    • Change of clothes
    •  Placemat for lunch (washable)
    • Two Kleenex boxes
    • Sleeping bag (full time)


    Our goal at Faith Montessori is to provide you and your child with a beneficial and memorable learning experience. If a parent/guardian has a question or concern regarding the care provided at the school, the parent is requested to speak first with the child’s teacher. If the issue cannot be resolved with the teacher please speak with the Director immediately. We will do our best to come up with a resolution for you, your child and our program.

    Should you feel the issue should be brought to the attention of Texas Child care Licensing, they can be reached at (512)-834-3195. A copy of state rules and regulation, which apply to the operation of Faith Montessori and a copy of our most recent licensing inspection, is available and posted where parents can see it. Past licensing inspections can be viewed at the website for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services at www.dfps.state.tx.us/Child_Care/Search_Texas_Child_Care/. If you do suspect that your child has been abused, report the situation to the toll free child abuse hot line number: 1-800-252-5400 or the Local licensing office listed above.

    Personal Items from Home

    Your child will be provided with a place to keep personal belongings and a coat hook for his or her coat. Each child must have for emergency use: one complete change of clothing (no shoes) labeled with his/her name and placed in zip-lock bag. Clothing should be comfortable and suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Active play is messy play for children so please do not send clothing you wish to keep clean, such as white pants or shirts. Tennis shoes make climbing easier and safer. No boots or open-toed sandals, please. All clothing and personal items must be labeled with child’s name for identification. This includes diapers, wipes, diaper cream, sleeping bags, coats, sweaters, mittens, lunch boxes, place mats etc. Please make sure the sleeping bags and blankets are washed every weekend before bringing them back to school on Monday.

    Please DO NOT allow your child to bring any of the following to school

    • Small toys that are potentially a choking hazard
    • Jewelry of any kind
    • Candy or chewing gum
    • Personal electronic games or devices
    • Please do not let your child bring toys to school Monday-Thursday. Appropriate Toys are allowed on Fridays for “Show & Tell” day.

    Please watch for any small articles, which your child may bring home in his/her pocket. For example, small cubes, cylinders, beads accidentally placed in their pockets. We strive in providing high quality materials for your child and these items may be difficult to replace.

    Parents Involvement

    We also encourage parents to join their child for a snack or lunch when the time is convenient for them. Other responsibilities for involvement may include sharing a cultural background and/or language, reading a story or singing with children or simply spending time during free play. Please contact your child’s teacher if any of these activities are of interest to you. Parents are permitted to access Faith Montessori School at any time when the child is in attendance.

    Parents Teacher Conference

    The lead teachers at Faith Montessori offer parents an opportunity to attend a parent/teacher conference at least once per year. They either post a sign-up sheet with times available or the teachers will verbally ask the parents what would be a convenient time for them. If the parents are unable to schedule a time, the teacher will send home a packet of materials that she and the child have worked. This documentation will be kept in each child’s file.

    It is also important to note that a parent may schedule a meeting at anytime with their child’s lead teacher. Likewise, a teacher may schedule a meeting with parents if she has concerns or issues with a child. The staff strives to keep open communication with all parents.

    Sick Children

    To ensure the health of all the children, your child must not come to Faith Montessori if any of the following guidelines apply.

    1. The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in school activities including outdoor play
    2. The illness results in greater need for care than the teacher can provide without compromising the health, safety and supervision of the other children in care
    3. The child has one of the following:
      • Oral temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs or symptoms of illness
      • Symptoms and signs of possible severe illness such as lethargy, abnormal breathing, uncontrollable diarrhea, two or more vomiting episodes in 24 hours, rash with fever, mouth sores with drooling, behavior changes or other signs that the child may be severely ill
      • A healthcare professional has diagnosed the child with a communicable disease
      • The child does no have medical documentation to indicate that the child is no longer contagious

    Please check your child for signs of illness or communicable disease before sending him/her to school. Please call the school at (512)-219-9191 and notify the Director that your child is ill and when you think they can return. In case of a communicable disease, we then can monitor to see if the disease has been transmitted to the other children in the class. Children with communicable disease cannot return to care until a doctor has agreed to the return.

    If your child is ill, please keep him/her at home. Children are not allowed if they have a medicine induced normal temperature. If your child was running a fever in the morning and Tylenol was administered to reduce the fever, the child is not allowed at the school. He/she could return to school if fever free for 24 hours without medication.

    Should your child become ill at Faith Montessori, your child will be isolated from other children and you will be notified and you will be notified and you or your designated release person will be required to pick up your child immediately or within one hour of notification. If the parents cannot be reached, the person listed on the enrollment form will be contacted. The school reserves the right to terminate care if parents continue to be unreachable in the event of an illness. There will be no reduction in fees because of absence due to illness.

    In the event that your child was exposed to a communicable disease, a notice will be placed on the classroom door notifying you of the symptoms to look for and if medical treatment is necessary.

    Please update immunization records every year (2 years, 3 years, 4 years, shots and hearing and vision).
    Faith Montessori employees must obtain a Flu vaccine once every twelve months.

    Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect

    Texas law mandates that if a staff member has cause to believe that a child has been abused or neglected or maybe abused or neglected, that person must report the abuse no later than the 48the hour after the hour the professional first suspects that the child has been or may be abused or neglected to law enforcement officials. For this reason please notify staff when you drop off your child of any accidents or injuries that occurred at home.

    Termination of Services

    Termination of a child will only be made with staff recommendation, appropriate documentation and outside consultation, which would result in action to be in the best interest of the child. Faith Montessori may terminate enrollment for the following reasons:

    • The parent/guardian fails to follow correct admission requirements, especially as they relate to submission of required forms and departure procedures.
    • Retention of the child would be detrimental to the health and safety of the other children in the school, the staff or the child him/herself due to exceptional needs for special treatment. It is noted here that the staff at Faith Montessori will make reasonable attempts to alleviate the situation before recommending termination
    • The parent/guardian fails to pay fees according to policy
    • Parent habitually brings a sick child to the school
    • Failure to receive parental support and help when a child is found to have a learning or behavior problem. This includes failure to attend parent conferences and to follow through with medical and/or educational specialists.

    In the case of a school termination, a two-week, written, dated notice will be given to the parent/guardian. All outstanding tuition must be made according to contract until the ending date. This policy does not apply if termination is due to non-payment, abuse to the school policies on illness and/or continual late payments.

    Vision and Hearing Screening

    The Vision and Hearing Screening program, Chapter 36 of the Health and Safety Code requires all children enrolled for the first time in any licensed care program must be screened or have a professional examination for possible vision and hearing problems. The requirements apply for each year for children enrolled who are 4 years and older. While not required by the Health Department, we encourage screening for ALL children, even younger than 4 years of age. Therefore, Faith Montessori requires that all Children, age 4 and above, have a hearing and vision screening within 90 days of enrollment. A copy of the screening must be on file here at Faith Montessori.

    Children who turn 4 also have 90 days to obtain a vision and hearing screening.
    For more information, please contact:
    Department of State Health Services
    Vision and Hearing Screening- Mail code 1918
    1100 West 49th Street
    Austin, Texas 78756-3199
    512-458-7420 (phone)
    512-458-7125 (fax)

    Weather and Emergency Procedures

    Faith Montessori House of Children follows the Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) decisions regarding bad weather. If RRISD closes due to bad weather, the Montessori school will close and parents will be notified that the child is being dismissed. In case of bad weather, we will make a decision to delay the program starting time, close or proceed as normal. You may tune in to radio or TV for more information regarding the weather. We practice monthly fire and severe weather drill so your child will not be traumatized by any unexpected emergencies. Emergency preparedness plan and emergency evacuation plan available in each classroom and also posted by the front door.

    Emergency phone number- School -512-909-0090
    In case of bad weather or power blackout, please call the above number.

    Withdrawal from Program

    It is requested that parents give a one-month notice in writing if it becomes necessary to withdraw their child. Without this notice, parents will be liable for two weeks tuition.

    We hope that this handbook has answered all your questions. Should you need any other information, or feel we failed to mention something important in your handbook, please bring it to the attention of the Director immediately. We will update our handbook annually and provide you with a new copy when you update your files annually. Thank you for choosing Faith Montessori House of Children.

    Brest Feeding

    Faith Montessori support and understand breastfeeding is an important way for mothers to bond with their children. We create a quiet, comfortable space for nursing mothers in our Montessori School.

    CPSC Recalls

    As a childcare provider we have a responsibility to keep children safe when they are in our school. Faith Montessori follows consumer product safety commission recalls and displaying a list of recalled products to remind employees and parents to remove or repair potentially dangerous children’s toys and products.


    We recommend that parents of children with allergies (Food, bug etc.) to Work with us to create a written allergy action plan to help Faith Montessori to allow your child to participate safely and equally alongside his or her peers during school hours.

    This document (Allergy action Plan) should display in child’s classroom and also a copy on file for every child with food allergies with

    *Name of the child / Date of Birth/Parents names/ contact phone number/ doctors name/ signature/ date signed/ outline symptoms of an allergy reaction/emergency contact phone numbers, recommended treatments etc.

    Please review and update allergy action plan every year.

    Epinephrine at Faith Montessori

    Our staff gets training every year preparing and handling children with food allergies and respond to food allergy emergencies and also how to administer epinephrine.

    We store epinephrine injectors in a secure location and easily accessible to employees.

    We report administration of the Ephrinephine injector to the prescribing health care professional and also to Department of state Health Services (DSHS) and CCL within 10 days of its use.

    Health Check

    Health check is a quick evaluation of a child’s body, mood, behavior, bruises, cuts, scrapes, burns, any fluid coming from a child’s eyes or nose, any scratching on the head, body, unusual behavior (sad, sleepy, irritable and lack of appetite), listen for cough, wheezing or stuffy nose and feel the child’s skin for fever.

    As part of a Health Check we gather additional information that is useful for identifying changes from families.

    We document health check information and save documentation for at least 30 days.